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The unique and special BALDISO One (B1) 


The road bike that generates pure pleasure and motivation just by looking at it



B1 refers to BALDISO one.

The first raceing bike collaboratively engineered by BALDISO and CarbonWorks.

The target:

To create a raceing bike that impresses with its unique and special design

that really motivates you to do sport.

To make your road bike even more unique, you can choose your favourite colour(s) and design for the frame set. For a complete bike, you can also configure the groupset, wheels and other details completelly according to your wishes.

frame-set: from € 5,540 
complete bike: from € 9,970 

Do you finally want a road bike that stands out from the rest?
A bike that triggers pure motivation, desire and anticipation at the sight for the next ride?
A road bike with a special design that literally stands out from the crowd?
Then the BALDISO One (B1) is just the bike for you!

The minds behind the project

Behind this innovative project is a team with an impressive mix of practice and theory, professional and hobby cycling, euphoria and reality as well as passion and determination.

Gründer unten weiß oben schwarz.jpg

Simon Bühler:

Founder of CarbonWorks, former junior cyclist,

Designer and mechanical engineer.

Sebastian Baldauf: Founder of BALDISO and ENNOBLE, former professional cyclist (including German mountain champion) and business economist.

Look good, feel comfortable and still be fast

This is precisely why stiffness, stability, comfort and aerodynamics are so important. In addition to Simon's extensive technical know-how, we have brought other specialists such as BIKE AHEAD COMPOSITES on board.

Added to this is Sebastian's practical knowledge of approx. 300,000 km with dozens of different racing bikes.

We also drew on the expertise of a leading German institute for FEM and CFD simulations for the strength calculations and aerodynamic simulations.

Simscale 1.jpg

A low frame weight is important.

However, we deliberately do not push the limits of what is feasible, but place more emphasis on safety and stiffness. Above all, the voluminous down tube and the seat stays ensure a very good stiffness-to-weight ratio.


The material that is saved in the seat tube can reinforce the crucial down tube, so that stiffness, stability, comfort and aerodynamics are at the absolute top level. Depending on the frame size, the weight of the B1 frame is between 1,000 and 1,100 grams. The total weight of the road bike varies between 7.1 and 8.0 kg depending on the selected groupset, wheels and other equipment.


The outstanding comfort, especially in the seating area, is achieved by the excellent flex, which is achieved by dispensing with a seat tube.


Get your unique and special B1 frame set or complete bike now


The geometry

The geometry is based on a sporty and manoeuvrable road bike. However, we have designed it to be slightly more comfortable by extending the head tube. The high head tube area fits well into the design concept and at the same time avoids a high, usually unattractive "tower" of spacers under the handlebars.

Individual components

Specially adapted components have been developed for the B1. These include an aerodynamic 3-spoke wheelset that matches with the design. Customers can also choose ENNOBLE, Lightweight or Bike Ahead wheelsets from German cooperation partners for the complete bike.

The B1 will be delivered with the 9 grams CarbonWorks bottlecage. Another design element is an innovative bottle holder for two drinking bottles that is already in the final design phase.

The customer can choose between 1- or 2-speed chainrings. A special adapter allows you to mount a front derailleur.

For the derailleur hanger, we rely on the robust UDH standard from SRAM. This derailleur hanger was developed for crisp shifting performance and, thanks to the global standard, can be replaced at almost any bike dealer.

Your B1, your color - choose the frame set color that suits you

Become one of the first owners of the B1 and be part of the project

The B1 is more than just a design concept: it is the chance for cycling enthusiasts to own this unique bike soon. Whether as an iconic design piece or for top performance on the road.

All bike enthusiasts now have the chance to pre-order the exclusive B1 frame set or a complete bicycle before the few 1,500 pieces are reserved worldwide.

Production is already in the starting blocks - when 50 pre-orders are reached, production for customers will begin immediately.

Everything is prepared so that the first frame sets can be delivered from the second quarter of 2024. One to two months later, customers can hold the complete bikes in their hands.

“Secure the exclusive B1 and become part of the project and maybe we will write history together,” said Baldauf.

Get a low serial number now and be one of the first B1 owners. Because the delivery takes place according to the order sequence.

Or secure a purchase option for the B1 now, but only make a final decision after a consultation appointment including a test ride.

Final B1 red yellow black goodview.jpg

By paying €250.00 you will secure

1. a B1 frame set, before the limited edition frame are sold out,

2. a test drive and a consultation appointment with Sebastian Baldauf,

3. a front spot on the production list for faster delivery,

4. a low serial number.


As soon as the test ride is possible, we will contact you to make an appointment.

Then you can convince yourself.

If you decide to buy, you can choose the color of a frame set, and for a complete bike even the color, groupset, wheels and other parts for a complete bike.

A project of:


Sebastian Baldauf founded the bike brand BALDISO after his long career as a racing bike professional and specializes in exclusive racing bikes.

CarbonWorks was founded in 2007 by Simon Bühler and specializes in the development and production of innovative and high-quality bicycle components.

Cooperation partners:

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©2023 by BALDISO

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