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Customise your racing bike as special and unique as your fingerprint - right down to the last screw.

Feelings of happiness, motivation and increased performance follow automatically.

Be the next to customise your bike with personal support from ex-professional cyclist and BALDISO founder Sebastian Baldauf. Arrange a consultation now or configure your bike in advance.

Don't you want to make any compromises when buying your bike that annoy you just by looking at it and simply don't motivate you for the next bike ride?
And/or do you realise with frustration on your first ride that your bike doesn't suit you, your needs and your goals in terms of gearing, position, handling, etc.?

Why a BALDISO road bike? Three reasons that make BALDISO unique.

1. there is no component that you cannot have a say in.

your favorite colour
your design
Faster Time.jpg
your seating position
your saddle
your handlebar tape
your wheelset
your tires
your decal colour
your group set
your details
your transmission
the model that suits you best

2. get professional insider knowledge from BALDISO founder and ex-professional cyclist Sebastian Baldauf.

You can configure your bike together with Sebastian, so that he can help and advise you directly if you have any questions or uncertainties.

"As a former professional cyclist, I had the luxury of having several people at my side who customised my racing bike and gave me tips. I also constantly optimised my racing bike and myself to bring us into better harmony.

The only thing that always bothered me was that I couldn't customise the look of my bike - I even heard from friends that they always made compromises in terms of looks when buying a bike.

And that's exactly what I wanted to change with BALDISO. Each of our bikes should be customised down to the last screw, both functionally and visually.

Even after the purchase, we are not gone. If you have any problems, questions or tips, simply pick up the phone or send us a WhatsApp message. You will then receive information or a solution quickly and reliably from me or my team."

3. be sure that you are getting the maximum out of your bike and therefore yourself.

Excellent bottom bracket stiffness, important for maximum riding fun and power transmission:

This was measured with a top score in the "Tour Magazin" testand awarded an excellent grade of 1.0.

Outstanding aerodynamics:

The aerodynamics were optimised with the help of CFD simulations.

The wind tunnel test confirmed that the BALDISO bikes are among the fastest.

The A2, for example, achieved a peak value of 212 watts at 45 km/h.


For hill climbers, the total weight can be reduced to approx. 7 kg.

With the new E3, the 7 kg mark can even be significantly undercut.

Your safety, our promise:


As our bikes are among the highest quality and most stable, we give you a lifetime guarantee on all BALDISO framesets.

9 von 10 Punkten im RennRad Test

What made our customers decide in favour of a BALDISO road bike?

"The bikes are very elegant, infinitely configurable, even with never-ending special requests ;-)
The boss is a super likeable person and as a former racing bike pro, he knows what he's talking about.
What more could a customer want?"

Silvio Z.


BALDISO models 2024 - aero, climbing, triathlon und gravel Bikes


Das einzigartige und besondere BALDISO One (B1)

further models


For anyone who loves speed and aesthetics


The aero all-rounder for road bike newcomers


The perfect endurance all-rounder


The all-round bike for aero enthusiasts

Baldiso Tour 1,8.png

Das Lightweight Road Bike für Berg Liebhaber - ab 6,5 kg


Der Rennrad Klassiker aus Titan


Das Triathlon Bike für Höchstgeschwindigkeit


Das Gravel Bike vereint Schnelligkeit & Schotter

G2__BALDISO (1).jpg

The bike for gravel fans


Der Klassiker aus Titan für Gravel Biker

The BALDISO 3-step plan to your dream bike - as special and unique as your fingerprint


Contact with pre-configuration or preliminary discussion

You can make an initial rough selection or classification via online pre-configuration or arrange a preliminary meeting with Sebastian - in this meeting, initial points such as model, group (gears & brakes), design/colour are discussed.


Appointment with Sebastian for detailed customisation - with test drive

To customise all the details, you are welcome to make an appointment at the BALDISO Store. This appointment can also take place via Zoom.

Sebastian will schedule an extensive time slot so that we can configure your dream bike down to the last screw.

You can also take an extensive test ride on the individual models in the BALDISO Store...


Assembly in the BALDISO manufactory - handmade in Allgäu

Only when everything is 100% according to your wishes and ideas will your dream bike be individually painted and assembled by hand according to your configuration in our manufactory within 3-6 weeks.

BALDISO in the press
Lease dein BALDISO Bike

Für Arbeitnehmer und Arbeitgeber bzw. Selbständige gibt es hier & jetzt zum BALDISO Traumbike Steuervorteile.

Informiere dich über einen der hier unten angegebenen Links und lease ganz einfach dein Wunschbike.

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Sample designs for and from our unique customers

Anker Inspirieren lassen
What does your dream bike look like?
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