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Limited edition for the 3rd anniversary of BALDISO 

With personal dedication by BALDISO founder Sebastian Baldauf


Three years ago, founder Sebastian Baldauf lovingly assembled the first BALDISO road bike in his garage and undertook many test rides to find the best fine-tuning of geometry and components. Since then, we have developed from a modest start-up specialising in exclusive racing bikes into a respected brand in the racing bike world. We thank not only our experience, dedication and hard work for this success, but above all you, our great customers. Each of you has made a decisive contribution to where BALDISO is today. Let's celebrate our 3rd anniversary together and toast to the exciting road bike adventures that lie ahead. 

To mark this anniversary, we are presenting the EDITION S.BALDAUF as a tribute. A limited edition of 20 racing bikes each, which are only available in the exclusive BALDISO design with special handmade paintwork. This unique design line is an expression of our unwavering passion for road cycling and a journey that we want to take together with our valued customers, partners and supporters to this point and beyond. Secure your personal piece of BALDISO history now before it sells out.

We look forward to welcoming you to the BALDISO family!

The limited edition "Road Royal" can be transferred to the A2 and A1 models.
There are only 20 units in total.
The equipment and add-on parts are freely selectable.

The surcharge is €1,500.

The BALDISO limited edition in the magazine "RennRad"
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Our limited edition offers:

1. unique special paint finishes: Every road bike in this collection is offered in an exclusive anniversary special paint finish. These designs represent our passion for style and innovation in cycling

2. collector's item potential: This limited edition is more than just a bike; it's a collector's item. With only a limited production run, these bikes are sure to be coveted trophies for all BALDISO enthusiasts in the future.

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